Tax Benefits


All those who wish to reside in Portugal may benefit from a favorable tax regime and a paradisiac living environment.

To enjoy this regime the interested individuals must obtain the Non-Habitual Residential Status of Portugal on the following conditions:

  • To reside on the territory of Portugal for a consecutive or interrupted period of more 183 days in any one year;
  • The applicant residing in Portugal less than 183 days must prove his intent to establish his habitual residence in Portugal by, for example, a rental agreement;
  • The applicant may not be resident on the territory of Portugal during the 5 years preceding his application;
  • The non-habitual resident acquires the right to special tax regime for foreigners for a period of 10 years from the year of his registration as a resident on the territory of Portugal including the year of registration;
  • The right of non-habitual residents to special tax regime for foreigners for a period of 10 years is at applicant’s discretion who must apply for non-habitual residence status every year.

After obtaining the nonhabitual residence status, the persons with a high value of scientific, artistic or technical activity in Portugal may benefit from a tax of 20%.

For citizens of third countries (non-EU) there is the Golden visa, which is a simplified and privileged way to enter and stay on the territory of Portugal for investment purposes without the need for a residence visa. This type of visa creates links and can subsequently allow requesting the Portuguese nationality or permanent residence permit, if certain conditions are met.

The conditions for obtaining the Golden VISA are precise.

The applicants must fulfill at least one of the tree following conditions:

  • Transfer and investment of a capital worth of at least 1 million euro under certain conditions;
  • Creation of at least 10 permanent jobs;
  • Purchase of a real estate worth at least 500.000 euro.

There are also other conditions such as applicant’s nationality and lack of criminal record or alert in the Schengen system.

Gold Visa applicants must maintain their investments in Portugal for a period of 5 years during which the applicants must reside in Portugal for at least:

  • 7 days consecutively or interruptedly during the first year;
  • 14 days consecutively or interruptedly during the next two years;

 Among other benefits to settle in Portugal are:

  • The considerable increase in purchasing power due to the low cost of living;
  • No wealth tax in Portugal;
  • Investments without exchange rate risk due to the country’s situation in the euro area;
  • Nonhabitual residents of Portugal who have Class H income the (pension) abroad are exempt from the payment of taxes. The payment of taxes in the country of origin under the international convention on double taxation signed between Portugal and the original state of the retiree is one of the conditions for the application of this exemption;
  • Tax conventions between Portugal and other countries to avoid double taxation of income;
  • Excellent real estate opportunities;
  • A very good potential for tourist rental investment on the seacoast and in the capital;
  • No significant financial risk (exchange rate, inflation, interest rates controlled by the European Central Bank).

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* Bavi Concept Portugal SA is not responsible for the interpretation of the law as published and for any possible change or modification therein.



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